Blues Guitar

Walking Bass Blues Guitar Lesson

Adding a a walking bass line to your blues chord progressions means that you’ll be alternating the bass note of the chord you are playing. Watch the lesson to get a better picture of this technique, after which you should be able to apply it to your own 12 bar blues chord progressions as well.

Here are a couple of tips for using bass walks in blues:

  • Usually, for a bass note on the first beat, you want to use the root of the chord,
  • A common way to reach the next chord is ascending chromatically
  • Use the third and flattened 7 of a chord to play harmony on the higher strings, it’s like 2 guitarists playing at the same time,
  • Using muting on the offbeats adds a percussive feel. A nice rhythm would be the following, when using triplets:
           1       2       3
Harmony	   -	 Play	 Chuck
Bass	  Play	   -	   -