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Line 6 Spider IV 75 Guitar Amp Review

Line 6 Spider IV is one of America’s best-selling family of guitar amplifiers. Loaded with features, and hundreds of presets, it has something for everyone.

The tones from this amp are quite impressive, in particular the clean tones are amazing. It has seemingly endless modeling capabilities.

Line 6 Spider IV 75 Features

  • 75 watts;
  • 1×12″ Celestion® Custom speaker with a three-quarter closed-back cabinet for a tight, snappy response;
  • Effects: Quick Loop, Auto-Wah, Intelligent Pitch-Shifter plus inspiring echoes, mods, delays, reverbs and more;
  • Knobs: Bass, Mid and Treble; Drive knob; Channel volume; Master volume;
  • 1/4-inch input; 1/4-inch headphone/direct output; 1/8-inch CD/MP3 input;
  • Built-in chromatic tuner;
  • FBV foot controller jack;
  • 300 hand-crafted presets fro world-famous bands and guitarists + 64 user-created presets;
  • 16 tonally superior amp models with the vintage characteristics and nuances;
  • 20 Smart FX (4 at once) with deep editing;
  • 14 sec looper, which allows you to record 14 seconds of your own playing, then you can have it played back over and over while you jam along to it.

[amazon-product bordercolor=”ffffff”]B002GYWBJ6[/amazon-product]To really know what’s going on with Spider IV amplifiers, just turn one around and look at it’s back. Spider IV combo amps feature a perfectly tuned three-quarter closed-back cabinet. This {offers} a tight, punchy, focused response that you can’t get from an open-back cabinet.

And a {big}, two-line LCD is your window into Spider IV. This is {exactly where} {you are able to} dive into effects and adjust parameters, scroll over 500 presets, see the tuner interface, get a visual representation of {exactly where} your Smart FX knobs are set, and {much more}.

For the $299, compared to say $1000+ for 75 watts of tube, this is a real steal. The Line 6 Spider IV is pretty much the closest you can get to a tube amp for a fraction of the cost.