The new and improved Jamorama

It has come to our attention, that one of the oldest players in the online guitar lesson industry, Jamorama, has been totally revamped. You can read the review as well on

The old version of Jamorama was made up of a lengthy ebook (actually 2, but who’s counting), short video snippets which complemented the ebook, and a few bonus guitar software. According to the analysis provided by LearnMusicEasy, Jamorama has been totally transformed from an ancient ebook sales site, to a modernized video lesson site.


The new site is made up of 4 main categories of video lessons. All of the lessons are now in HD quality, and presented by their new instructor, Mark McKenzie, who totally replaced Ben Edwards, the old face of Jamorama. I wonder what happened to him…

Anyhow, the new lessons are looking good, but it seems that there are very few lessons on the site, which means it just doesn’t have a competitive edge. For example, if you compare Jamorama with Jamplay, you’ll see that Jamplay has about 200x more material for $40 more per year. If you look at Jamorama vs GuitarTricks, you’ll find the same thing. The folks over at Jamorama really have a lot of filming to do, if they want to catch up to these other sites, who have tens of thousands of lessons in their catalog already, and are growing as we speak.

You can find a lot of material on YouTube from Mark McKenzie already, here is one such video:

Looking at the lesson, I find Mark’s teaching style good, so I hope they’ll build their site and grow the number of courses they offer. It is true that at the present price of $10/month, they will have a hard time competing with the other big guitar lesson sites. Offering silly bonuses and a free chord book won’t offset this either 🙂

I had a look at the lesson structure of Jamorama, it looks very short to tell you the truth. Of course, they are still at the beginning of their relaunch, but still. I also have to say that some of their courses just don’t seem good enough to compete with the courses you find on other sites. For example, for the 3rd week of their lead guitar course, they have 2 videos for you, each 3 minutes long on doing hammer ons. I doubt anyone will be doing hammer ons for an entire week…

If you’re an old Jamorama customer, have a look at the new offering, but consider that there are many other sites out there offering more material at similar prices, like these. Not to mention free sites, like Justin’s.

Sorry Jamorama, the truth hurts, but that’s life.

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