Power Chord Rhythms AC/DC Style

With an electric guitar, it often sounds best to play 2-3 note chords. This is where power chords prove useful. Power chords are usually found in metal, rock, and blues. Since they’re rather tiny chords, they’re not widely used in traditional acoustic strumming scenarios.

The video lesson will show you several power chord rock rhythm patterns you can play using only power chords. This lesson is important for anyone learning rock or metal, since power chords are used a lot by super bands such as AC/DC, Led Zepelin, and basically all bands that have an electric guitarist.

The power chords we’re going to study are movable chords, which means that we are able to move the actual power chord shape up or down the neck of the guitar, to create different power chords. Many guitarists prefer to use all downstrokes when strumming power chords. This results in a more “chunky” sound. Muting the open strings is a very important part of playing power chords as well.

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