Guitar 101 - The Essentials

Fretting Strings

This video lesson shows you how you will need to position your fingers correctly to prevent fret buzz while holding the guitar string.

Learning how and where to place your finger on the guitar string is an important part of learning the guitar, right from day 1. Would you have guessed that even players with years of experience get this very basic part of playing the guitar wrong?

To make sure your strings don’t resonate and give the best and purest sound, watch this video lesson on correct finger positioning.

Guitar 101 - The Essentials

Guitar Basics 1.

This video on guitar basics will teach you a number of things. Watching it will give you a basic knowledge of fundamental guitar knowledge, such as:

  • guitar anatomy
  • how to pluck the strings
  • how to fret the strings
  • how to play a C major scale
  • a basic finger strengthening exercise

This could be a very first lesson if you are just starting to learn guitar.